Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu

Swine flu…..what more can one say about it? For those who don’t know this Abnormal Influenza has corrupted the United States while originating from Mexico . A flu virus that contains human and swine (pig) genetics, has been spreading rapidly only for a few weeks now in the United States .  The first person killed was a 23 month old kid from Houston, Texas. Experts say that this virus could turn into a pandemic if not stopped immediately or outbreak, like the New Jersey virus in 1976 at Fort Dix : killing only 1 soldier but affecting 230. By mantaining healthy diet, exercise, self diagonses, and washing your hands you will be fine. Time to take action and keep yourself away from anyone on the verge or is sick. 

Chocolate Milk after working out?

It's true, your favorite drink is good for you after an intense workout. After working out, amino acids are needed to repair your muscles along with carbohydrates to restore the glycogen. Drinking chocolate milk after a workout provide you with carbohydrates and also gives you the protein. You can buy 1% or 2% chocolate milk at the store or make your own with skim milk. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition drinking Chocolate milk post workout is better than soy when it comes to based proteins. Another reason is cow's milk contains 80% casein protein that takes longer to digest which is better for your muscles. It's also a good source for carbohydrates which are good right after a workout. Milk it self contains calcium as well, that helps build strong bone mass.

Let's take a walk

I don't know about you but after a rough winter and summer here I'm going to be outside as much as possible. When I'm not outside playing sports running around i like to go for a walk. I go to my local lake walk around it a couple times, this helps me clear my mind and cool down after a hard workout. There are a lot more benefits to going for a walk on a nice day such as, if you decide to walk with a friend or family member you can spend some good quality time catching up on things. One a beautiful day walking the lake i get to enjoy the weather and the view of the lake. The fresh air will also elevate your mood since you were coop up inside during the cold, dark winter.
  Being in the sun for 10 - 15 minutes will provide you with vitamin D which is good for muscular and bone strength which is good for balance. This is why when i go for this walks you see a lot of older people who are lacking the much need vitamin D. Make sure that when your walking you can carry on a conversation other wise you should slow down and catch your breath. Walking helps with reducing the risks for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. You can use walking to control your weight and blood pressure.

Germs Germs Germs

Since the Swine Flu is the big topic recently here's a fact about bacteria there are five nonillion (5x10 to the power of 30) bacteria living on the earth today, so as much as you want to avoid germs there everywhere. Bacteria makes up most of the worlds biomass. No prove their everywhere their is 40 million bacteria cells i a milliliter of water. So talking about staying healthy with immune systems and stress here are some places where bacteria are most commonly found. A place common for finding bacteria that cause the flu or cold is public magazines. Flu and cold virus can live on a dry surface up to 48 hours so if your in a doctors office all those sick people who were their for the last 48 have touch that magazine that your reading. Have no fear, just simple use hand sanitizer, this will take care of those germs and help prevent E coli. Another spot is the very keyboard that i am typing on. A study done by a  UK consumer group showed that after checking 33 office keyboards for bacteria one keyboard had just as much as a toilet ew. To avoid this is simply clean the mouse and keyboard along with using hand sanitizer. Now going to the gym and exercising is a great way to stay healthy it is also full of germs. A 2006 study in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine found bacteria on 73% of the equipment. Washing your hands with hot water and soap will get ride of it, but also washing the equipment before is good too.

Boost Your Immunity

With the flu spreading around it is important to have a strong immune system. A strong immune system is very beneficial, it can fight off virus that people with a weak immune system can't, even things such as the common cold. It also makes you feel good and fell healthy. Here are some natural ways you can do to build up your immune system. The first is what we all just learn stress. Having high stress levels can negatively effect us emotional and physically. The effects are the stress causes us to release chemicals which help with our natural defenses which help us fight disease. There are foods that can help build your immune system like mushrooms, onions and garlic. These foods contain thiosulfinates and ajoene which help fight bacteria. Orange foods help with your skin which is your first line of defense against virus. Vitamin D, that's not found in many foods, is a great source that positively effects the immune system in many ways. Last but not least is the given exercise method. Daily exercise helps boast immune system as well as decreases stress.

Fruits and Vegetables on the go

Everyone knows that being in college isn't always easy to eat right all the time. Monday through Friday are always busy eating quick burgers and microwavable foods are getting you through the day. Besides the media talking about all the cancers, obesity, etc there are many reasons to try to eat healthy. The government guidelines say that we should eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables, that's hard when we're always on the go. Here are a couple different ways you can eat quick while still getting your required fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are a great way to get your fruits, whether it's a no sugar smoothie from the store (stores even sell vegetable smoothies) or if you have time make a 10 minute smoothie. If you decide to make a smoothie at home you can make it for breakfast with your favorite fruits like banana, strawberries, grapes and such. Smoothies are also great for post workouts and a good energy booster mixing them with whey protein. Another easy way of eating healthy is snacking well. When you want a snack to hold you off till lunch instead of going to the vending machine to grab a candy bar or a chips, try substituting that with packing carrots or celery. By doing this you get just as filled up and you will energy besides crashing from the high sugar snack. Adding fruit to your breakfast and doubling the amount of vegetables at dinner also helps. When your eating cereal for breakfast chop up a banana or if your eating yogurt blueberries or raspberries. For dinner double the amount of vegetables on your plate that way you can fill up on those beside the meat and potatoes.

Mind Power

When people think of the gym they think of lifting weights and sweating on the treadmill. Now there is a gym where there is no lifting or sweating involved, this gym is for your mind. As we watched in the baby boomer video aging takes a toll on the mind, that's why exercises the brain is good for older people. As we get older our brain mass gets smaller, our old memories  worsens and  and it's harder to get a new one. These factors effect us in our daily lives, that's why a mind gym would help greatly.  Hearing the older people talking in the baby boomer video about how using their brains keeps them sharp. There are a tone of benefits that come from exercising your brain including: better memory and improved attention span. Science has shown that the older generations who stay mentally active are more mentally fit. Now, your wondering where these types of gyms are found? According to the Wall Street Journal, these gyms are up and coming, but for right now they are in places with alot of retirees like Florida, southern California etc.  One spesific spot is "Nifty after Fifty" southern Cal. At this club you can find people on computers "working out". Also like a regular gym the prices are the same and including personal traniners.